Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kids keep you humble

Some of you may know that I am a WAHD who is married and has two little girls. Let me tell you, those girls especially know how to keep you humble, grounded and focused on what is most important.

This morning I had big plans for my business. Lots of e-mails to write, lots of articles and blogs to update, etc.

However, my youngest had a different idea altogether. She in particular has had a hard time adjusting to mommy going off to work and me being at home with her. She is always so anxious to see my wife that she gets up extra early (often before 6AM) to see my wife before she goes off to work.

Well today, my daughter reached her limit. She was exhausted from getting up early and had an utter melt down.

Now, of course I had plans to get work done. Unfortunately my first reaction is to tell her to be quiet so daddy could work. However, one look at her and I knew that she needed my attention.....

I did the old count to 10....catch my breath for having to drop all of my work for her.....and then sat with her on the couch and help her calm down......It only took me 30 minutes ;)

Anyway, I realized afterwards that I am glad I am able to be there for her. Quite different than my previous life in corporate america.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


Sandy C. said...

Yup, did this for 2 years. My daughter had meltdowns when my husband left in the mornings, and sometimes for various reasons. I remember muting my end of the phone 75% of the time during conference calls, and praying she's nap just a few minutes longer to squeeze in just a bit more work.

I juggled both the WAHM gig and working outside the home as a mom. For me, the balancing act of working and being a parent under the same roof was by far the most challenging.

Good for you for taking the time out to give her your undivided attention. It is sometimes with so much on your plate.

Root & Sprout said...

I read somewhere long ago that only 15 minutes of your undivided attention can completely transform your kid's demeanor. With my kids home now during the summer, I take a break from my work every so often to really play with them. It makes all of us happy . . .

McMommy said...

Me, me, me!! I've gone through that. It's crazy...the antics and meltdowns they pull to get your attention. And just want to get ONE THING it's very frustrating!!

here's wishing you a jolly green happy pow!!!

Carol said...

Yeah every day when daddy leaves for work.

It does not make me feel very special that it is considered torture to be left with me all day.

The White House said...

Thanks, that was a really encouraging post. What a fantastic investment for your future (and hers!!!)

Simply Shannon said...

I've seen my husband struggle to control himself in situations like that repeatedly. It's heartwarming to see the paternal instinct take over even when there are a million other things that need to be taken care of.
Good for you for being there at the most important times.

mantiz said...

lovely post! it kinda makes me wanna be a dad soon:)
but then i still have a few years left, i'm just a teenager lol