Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Democrats and Carbon Credits in Denver

Since the Democratic National Convention is coming to my hometown in the near future, I thought I would let you all know about a neat thing they are doing to help the environment while here.

The Democratic National Convention Committee began working with NativeEnergy Inc. this spring to purchase carbon offsets for the dozens of convention staff who are flying, driving and otherwise polluting Denver as they carry out the big event.

Party organizers are now asking that delegates, members of the media and other political officials who will be attending the late August gathering do the same.

Delegates to the convention with the highest percentage of members offsetting their carbon emissions will be recognized in their seating section on the floor of the Pepsi Center, the site of the first three days of the event. If they offset their travel, they are also expected to receive a ''green item'' to distinguish themselves during convention week.

The effort, called the Green Delegate Challenge, is intended to encourage friendly competition among state delegates and to offer special rewards for the delegation or delegations that show the highest level of commitment to offsetting their carbon footprints as a result of attending the Denver convention.

To date, the average carbon footprints of all delegates from California, Vermont and Nevada have been accounted for through delegate participation in the program.

How cool is that? Not only are the Dems brining big business to the Mile High City, they are helping keep it clean too!!


Chelle said...

That's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing and Happy POW!

Melissa said...

Hi, this is Melissa from Mile High Mamas. Amber has asked me to try to track down e-mail addresses so she can send out an e-vite to everyone for our dinner on September 12th. Would you mind sending me your e-mail address? Please also include the name of your blog so I can keep track of who is who! Thanks! My e-mail address is melissabhowell (at) gmail (dot) com.

McMommy said...

That is WAY cool!! I didn't even know they were doing that.

Just another piece of proof that we are going to be Barackin' The Free World in the next election!!

An Obama Mama

Kim's Mom said...

That's very cool!

You have a fun site. It's interesting to hear from a SAHD! We're fortunate in that both my DH and I are able to stay home. We also homeschool our children. I'm trying to incorporate more frugal and green (as a combo)ideas into my blog, as that is what I'm attempting to do in my life, and the lessons I'm trying to teach my children.

Puff Matty said...

SAHD isn't that a nervous disorder? Saw your site and the GREENNESS of it all. Props to you....I work environmental in Iraq, but i was in Leadville, Co. last year remediating for the EPA. LOVE Colorado